Developed by families, children, staff team and governors

We have created a list of twenty things that we believe are important for all children to have experienced before they are 5. To ensure that all children are having a well-rounded, joyful childhood. Here are some of those valuable experiences that we will be able to offer your child during their time with us.

These ideas have been developed in partnership with our families, children, staff team, and governors, the whole Oliver Thomas community.

  1. Notice the moon
  2. Make a mud pie
  3. Hear the birds
  4. Build a den
  5. Roll down a hill

 Magical experiences

For some of us, we have experienced climbing trees, cycling off for a whole day on bikes. We know that many children today do not have these opportunities. Here at Oliver Thomas, we are able to provide some of these valuable and magical experiences which are important for children so they may gain the wonder from them and the beginnings of the cultural capital they will need to succeed in life.

  1. Blow a dandelion clock
  2. Stroke a furry animal
  3. Find a worm
  4. Jump in a puddle
  5. Catch a snowflake on your tongue

Special moments 

Many of the things chosen opened up discussions with adults remembering their own experiences or indeed, their lack of them. Everyone agreed that these were so easy to achieve and they understood their special and magical significance.

  1. Walk barefoot in the sand
  2. Hug a tree
  3. Throw a sycamore seed
  4. Watch the clouds
  5. Hold a snail




Remembering your time with us

Please keep this as a memento of your time at Oliver Thomas, it folds out easily and will look great on your wall as a reminder of the twenty things they did before they were 5.

  1. Feel the wind on your face
  2. Chase your shadow
  3. Plant a seed
  4. Walk through grass in bare feet
  5. March through crunchy leaves